Coming Soon at String Shift

I’ve given my share of recitals before. They take months of preparation and dozens of hours of rehearsal to properly execute. I’ve played concertos with orchestra before (these are solo works with orchestra accompaniment for the non-classical readers among you). Concertos are some of the most difficult pieces of music to play pushing the limits of an instrument to the extreme. Often they are performed from memory and believe me, memorization of a 30 to 45 minute work is no small feat. Looking back at all of that seems easy after preparing a show like Symphony in Z.

Having a great idea that gets you truly motivated and excited? Those ideas happen when they happen. Jotting down the dozens of ideas that come to you almost instantly when you get that great idea? That part is fun and doesn’t even feel like work at all. Turning those ideas into tangible and achievable realities? Well, that is the stuff that turns your hair gray (and yes, I have noticed a few more gray hairs popping up on my scalp after this project). So here we our, one week after the show, after about 2 months of initial planning and 4 months of executing and I can’t wait to jump in and do it all over again.

Here is what you can expect in the near future from String Shift. First off, we plan on hitting the recording studio and getting some tracks cut featuring highlights from our recent show. If you are into our unique arrangements of modern and popular music you should get the chance to download them in the near future. Secondly, we may try and do a repeat of Symphony in Z in a nearby venue so if you missed it the first time around you might get another chance. Also, the crew from the C2G Live show was at the venue Friday night recording so expect a version of “Symphony in Z” to appear on public access in the next few weeks. After that we are looking at doing our next “themed” show sometime in early 2014.

What crazy new concoction do we have coming down the pipeline? We are currently in planning stages but I can promise you it will be another fun and engaging audio and visual experience that features a similar blend of classical and current music. In the meantime get out there and spread the word about what we do. If you saw the show tell your friends that our next outing is not to be missed. If you are looking to add some selections to your iPod playlist check back soon for some studio-quality versions of songs from “Symphony in Z” performed by String Shift. We had a great turn-out at our last show, but make sure you come out and support these amazing local musicians and lets double our audience next time around!


Edward StevensComment