Now Open - The Sheet Music Store

I am happy to announce that we are now making String Shift's very own arrangements of popular tunes available for download as sheet music. Click the banner at the top of the page or visit to see what we currently have available.

Therefore, if you are a gigging musician who simply wants to find some ways to add variety to your gig books, or perhaps you are a music educator who wants to challenge your high school students with songs they may recognize and enjoy, there just may be something for you.

Why a sheet music store?

When I first started String Shift three years ago I wanted to create programs that included a variety of music focusing on the themes I wanted to explore. While this sounded great in concept one of the big obstacles was finding available music that would fit into these themes that was playable with a string ensemble. Therefore, I decided to use my knowledge of arranging and ear for figuring out melody and rhythm to good use and started becoming String Shift's main arranger. Sometimes as much as 50% of the music we use in our shows has come from my own personal collection of arrangements.

You may not realize it, but the time involved in creating a new arrangement from scratch is quite extensive, and many musicians who would like to perform more pop and contemporary selections just don't have the time to arrange music for their various purposes. Therefore I wanted to share the work that I had done, all at a very low price, to other classical musicians who might enjoy playing some main stream music.

My Process

Some will ask me how I learned arranging and my best answer is by trial and error. I hear the arranging work done by others and often hear approximations or liberties taken with certain rhythms and harmonies. I don't claim to get it right all the time but I feel pretty confident that my arrangements end up being pretty close, with just enough of my own artistic license added in to help highlight the qualities of the string instruments playing these songs. Mainly, I listen to the source material, a lot, and even slow it down and pick it apart piece by piece. When I put it back together I ask if it works with the collective and try to imagine it in the midst of an ensemble playing it.

So give an arrangement of mine a try at your next rehearsal with your group, I can even send you a midi recording of most of the charts if you want to hear one first before you commit. A few recordings are also available on our "Symphony in Z" album. Feedback is welcome and encouraged as I am always looking for ways to improve my skills as an arranger.

Don't see what you are looking for? At this point I am open to requests so feel free to message me through the "Contact Us" link and I can get you a price quote for a custom arrangement.

Thanks and happy String Shifting!