The Two (new) Sides of String Shift

For those of you who took an interest in the String Shift project when it started in 2013, you might be wondering what happened to that unique group who had some big ideas to change up the performing arts scene in Northeast Indiana. Well long story short (or maybe its not that long of a story) but my family relocated to beautiful Portland, Oregon due to my wife getting an incredible job opportunity out here.

Well, I’ve grown quite fond of the name String Shift as more than just a performing group, but as a representation of creative arts thinking. So I decided to merge it into something I could package up and take with me - a service to help other small arts groups accomplish their big ideas.

So I launched String Shift Arts Data and Consulting.

Let me explain this “shift”

Over the past 9 years I have worked in sales/marketing and database upkeep for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. During that time I have had to learn just about every thing there is to know about managing and creating mailing lists, email marketing, ticketing systems, and large scale data-based projects. The Philharmonic had top-level support to start prioritizing these sorts of activities, however not all arts groups have the capacity to take that on. That is where I can come in and help offer remote support by compiling your groups data, designing, managing and deploying your email communications, offering interim support due to staff turnover, keeping your web content up to date, helping you get the most out of your ticketing software or even just offering consultation on some event marketing best practices.

But Ed, aren’t you a cellist?

Yes! I can still crank out a killer rendition of any Bach Suite or perhaps a fun arrangement of a classic Queen tune. Often musician’s are faced with a difficult decision to pursue an alternative path to just performing music but I have been walking both paths for over 10 years now. Performing helps feed my passion for helping enable others to perform as well by taking on some of the back-end data projects. But if you need a cellist, or arranger, for anything cello related hit me up here anytime and I will be your guy.

I know first-hand the satisfaction of performing to a large and enthusiastic crowd of people, and that is why I now have String Shift Arts Data and Consulting - to help others get to experience that same thrill. String Shift began as an incubator for new ideas and approaches to classical programming, now let me help you make your own new ideas come to life.