Virtual Harmony

Art and music have gone hand in hand since we figured out how to bang sticks on drums and draw chalk on cave walls. Ok, I am assuming they have gone hand in hand since then but will admit I did not fully research this claim. 

How to connect the two has been done in many different ways. Art may inspire music like Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, or music/musicians may inspire art such as Andy Warhol's portrait of John Lennon. This result ends up creating two different products that can be enjoyed separately, but enjoying them together seems to have its limitations. 

These limitations are arguably less drastic when you look at a medium such as film, where you have music that is inspiring the moving visuals or vice-versa. The result is the two things directly feeding off each other with one enhancing the other. 

The digital age presents some new opportunities to take things even further. Awhile back I was introduced to the Google Tilt Brush which is a device that is meant to enable artists to sculpt, paint, and create in a virtual 3D environment. You slap on a pair of VR goggles (like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift) and you pick up a Tilt Brush and start painting to your heart's content. Not only was I completely mesmerized by the images one could create with this tech but I was obsessed with thinking of its creative potential. I wanted to bring music into the equation somehow. So that's when I reached out to Matt McClure at Artlink to help make it happen. Through these meetings we came up with "A3rD." The name is a play off of a musical interval the Augmented 3rd which is often shortened to just A or '+'.

So if you are still reading you may have some questions. Here is a convenient TAQ (theoretically asked questions) to help put this concert in perspective.

Q: So what exactly are you doing again?

A: Artists will be creating 3D digital artwork using the Tilt Brush and we will be projecting those art installations across the room in a way that feels immersive while the music that inspired these artistic creations is performed live.

Q: And you lost me...

A: There will be a variety of great music set to some jaw-dropping visuals.

Q: Ok, so who is involved?

A: The art will be created by Theoplis Smith, III (aka "Phresh Laundry") as well as Matt McClure, executive director of Artlink. The music will be performed by String Shift. Musical selections will involve their unique blend of classical and pop music including songs by Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi, Radiohead, Arvo Part, Ruth Crawford Seeger, and even the Rolling Stones.

Q: So where is this?

A: We found an incredible venue - the film production company PUNCH Films occupies a re-purposed warehouse that gives us the perfect canvas for our digital projections (with awesome acoustics at that.)

Q: Can I drink?

A: We wouldn't have it any other way, CS3 will be on-site serving beer, wine and some specialty themed cocktails that tie in to the evening's event.

Q: Is it just the concert?

A: We will follow the concert with a sort of "gallery" exhibit where people can check out some of the digital installations by trying on some VR goggles as well as browse some of Phresh Laundry's stunning portrait work.

Q: Ok I'm sold, how do I get tickets?

A: Click the button below and bring your friends