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About String Shift

String Shift was founded in 2013 by Ed Stevens, a former cellist with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. Initially, it meant to serve as an incubator for new concepts of classical performance. Now in 2019 with Ed’s family relocating to Portland, Oregon, String Shift has evolved into a service to help other arts organizations realize their big ideas.

String Shift utilizes the unique skill-set of Ed Stevens, a CRM/Ticketing system and email marketing expert with a decade of experience in non-profit arts marketing to help fill in the gaps that arts organizations often have when it comes to optimizing their technology and systems. String Shift will help your business take full advantage of the powerful, yet often misunderstood, field of email marketing. We will help segment and organize your data to make sure you are targeting your most loyal patrons. We will even help with your large-scale data mining and research for your grant reporting efforts or board-level analysis.

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Menu of Services:

Below is a list of suggested services but does not represent the full extent of potential projects. If you have a marketing/data need that is not mentioned let me know!

Email Marketing Services

  • Design, compose, and deploy marketing emails and/or newsletter content
  • Create dynamic content for concert reminders, order confirmations, and targeted marketing emails
  • Manage and segmentation of email database, including CRM integration if applicable
  • Implement and audit email funneling efforts and list growth activities

CRM Ticketing Services

  • Audit and clean patron data to match your business standards
    • Merging of duplicate accounts
    • Data hygiene and updating of accounts based on NCOA info and telephone append/verify results
  • CRM implementation guidance and assistance
    • Data conversion prep
    • New system setup and season/campaign building
    • New hall construction
    • Workflow and operating standards development
    • Style manual creation
    • Sales flow audit
    • Web sales setup and configuration
    • Report configuration
    • Dynamic Pricing setup/upkeep and promotion/source building
    • Subscription renewal invoice preparation

Data Mining and Database development

  • Assistance in report generation and data retrieval for larger data mining projects
  • Data analysis to determine ticket sales and donor giving trends for multiple year outlooks

About Ed Stevens - founder of String Shift and Lead Consultant

Just shy of a decade ago I found myself in a position to help address a problem: the orchestra I was working with needed its ticketing/CRM systems to function at a modern level and there wasn’t anyone else on staff with the knowledge and ability to make it happen. You see even though I have been a cellist all of my life, I have always had a passion for technology and problem solving. Ever since I was a kid I would sit at my parents computer for hours on end and figure out how to make the thing work. So when my organization, for various reasons, migrated to 3 different CRM platforms over the course of about 8 years, I was able to help apply these problem solving skills to getting our technology up and running each of those times.

This didn’t stop at just ticketing software, working for a smaller organization that was frequently asked to do big things I wound up seeing just about anything and everything in the worlds of data, software, and marketing.

“Ed, we need a mailing to go out to lapsed subscribers and multi-buyers from the past 3 years”

“Ed, we need you to research geographic data for our top patrons”

“Ed, we need you to take on email marketing because our Marketing Director just gave their two weeks notice”

“Ed, we are switching from a full-time in house IT person to an outside company with a hardware focus so we need you to keep our software working for us.”

Now I have a passion for learning new things and solving new problems so this worked out well for me. Hence, I decided I want to share this passion for problem solving with other small non-profit arts groups - companies I know are always tasked with trying to accomplish big things.

But why arts groups?

Because, being a performer all of my life I’ve had the privilege of seeing first hand how great data and great use of technology can help create great performances. And being on both sides I know the time constraints and the challenges arts institutions face between lack of technology or lack of resources to get things done. That is why I want to help - let me be the one to help grow and optimize your email marketing campaigns, let me be the one to help segment your mailing lists and make sure you are communicating the right messages to your most loyal patrons. There is no shortage of problems that a data-driven approach can’t help solve, with the exception of hours in the day to actually make it happen. So this is where I come in and allow your staff to keep focusing on their larger initiatives, and let me take the heavy lifting off your backs.