Symphony in Z (2013)

Our first album "Symphony in Z" compiles music from various zombie-related media including "The Walking Dead" and "28 Days Later," along with other popular songs featured in zombie movies, video games, and more. Hear music from bands like Metallica, White Zombie, Queen, and Tears for Fears in a way you have never heard before - as performed by a string orchestra.

"Symphony in Z" covers the broad range of emotions found in the world of the undead. Sheer terror can be heard in the chilling theme to the TV show "The Walking Dead." Or a sense of loss and sadness is represented by the trailer music to the video game "Dead Island." Even morbid humor is found in Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" which was selected as an homage to a scene from the zombie comedy "Shaun of the Dead." All of these tracks are brought to life by the talented players of String Shift.

Now available through CD Baby, iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon MP3.



String Shift performing Symphony in Z at C2G Music Hall. September 2013.